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145 participants start the third season of the Innovation Academy

The pre-acceleration program “Innovation Academy” initiated by the Latvian Investment and Development Agency (LIAA) and implemented by Riga Business School has started its third year, gathering 145 participants. A total of 120 applications were received, which confirms that already at the time of application a number of participants intended to work together on researching or developing a specific area. The Innovation Academy’s overall program consists of two parts, totalling 24 weeks. In the first part, lasting six weeks, participants will learn the basics of innovative [...]

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74 Faculty Members Have Spent a Semester at University at Buffalo in the Last Four Years

Over the past four years, 74 faculty members from 11 universities have spent a semester at the University at Buffalo, State University of New York, USA, to develop their digital skills, improve the quality of ICT teaching, and learn the latest methods in preparing and delivering IT course content. This continuing education opportunity is funded by the European Regional Development Fund. Riga Business School, as a structural unit of RTU, implements and coordinates the program in close cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science. [...]

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Riga Business School participates in the LAMPA conversation festival

On June 10th at 12.30 PM, Riga Business School joins the Social Entrepreneurship Association of Latvia initiative and joins the conversation festival LAMPA on the "Constellation of Social Entrepreneurs" (“Sociālo uzņēmēju Zvaigznājs”) stage in the discussion "When education is innovated in Latvia, we reach Harvard, Buffalo and MIT". If there were no inspiring visionaries and bold doers, Harvard, MIT and Buffalo would never be part of the agenda of the Latvian education system. In 2019, RBS decided to take university faculty to the University of [...]

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The second season of the Riga Business School “Innovation Academy” is over

On June 2, the gala event of the second season of the RBS business acceleration program “Innovation Academy” – Demo day – will take place as part of the Tech Picnic at the art centre Noass. 33 teams from the “Innovation Academy” will pitch. During the Demo day, teams will present the projects that they grew during the pre-acceleration program. For 16 weeks, 40 teams – authors of business ideas and new entrepreneurs worked to develop their solutions in the start-up ecosystem of experienced mentors [...]

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Several donors to provide scholarships in the amount of EUR 25 000 to Riga Business School Bachelor of IT leadership students

During the next academic year several donors – IT company UNISO, digital marketing company Httpool, and Sanda Liepiņa as a  private donor – have agreed to continue to support Riga Business School Bachelor of IT leadership students on their path to global education and studies in English as provided by professors from many countries world. In total, the scholarships contributed by these donors in the 2023/2024 academic year will be equal to the annual tuition fee for five students or approximately EUR 25 000. Scholarships [...]

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Women from Zambia and Namibia study entrepreneurship with Riga Business School students

Latvian diaspora experts from the movement #esiLV and Riga Business School lecturers together with partners from Africa launched the country's first development cooperation project in Africa last year. The project started with a visit from the Latvian delegation to Zambia and Namibia where Riga Business School representatives conducted an entrepreneurial boot camp for around 60 African women to strengthen women's involvement in entrepreneurship. In January, these women joined Riga Business School's four-month certificate training program in entrepreneurship in an online course led by Riga Business [...]

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Aldis Greitāns: “I don’t understand what he is talking about” – not a good excuse

Person A: “Can you come to a meeting today?” Person B: “Why? It’s not my area.” Person A: “We don’t understand what he is talking about. Maybe you translate tech language for us ...” This conversation between colleagues is all too common in many companies if we keep in mind that “they” providers of IT services. In this case I took up the role of the “interpreter”. After the meeting I was approached by the representative of the service provider, a colleague I know from [...]

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Jānis Grēviņš: stepping into the New Year with three priorities in education

2022 was a very dynamic year for higher education in Latvia – the establishment of the university Councils to improve management, and the creation of the unified center of services to ensure more efficient accessibility of global technology services for Latvian universities and scientific institutions. Around the world, we step out of the Covid19 pandemic equipped with many innovations in the study process which were promoted by the “forced” use of technologies. Currently, geopolitical events very clearly highlight the significance of educating society and the [...]

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Artūrs Liepa: a dual career – is it possible?

Artūrs Liepa, 1st-year student of the Business Administration Program at Riga Business School, successfully combines studies with the professional sports. Artūrs Liepa began studying at Riga Business School in the Business Administration program in September 2022. Before that he participated in RBS Greenhouse program where, for demonstrating leadership, activity and high achievements, he received a scholarship to cover of the tuition fee for the first study year. Artūrs has always been active and involved in sports, and he calls triathlon “his” kind of sport. Artūrs [...]

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Viesturs Sosārs: Creation of start-ups is a team effort

Pop culture and media are filled with images of the lonely entrepreneur-visionary. Hearing the word Tesla, Elon Musk most likely pops into our mind, and Facebook we frequently associate with Mark Zuckerberg. But it is not entirely true. At least it is not the whole truth in regards to the creation and growth of these companies. In their origins the founding team played a crucial role. One or many? When starting the company single-handedly, its founder can be sure that the project they envision will [...]

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