In order to support outstanding and dedicated students, Riga Business School has partnered with several companies, including financial technology company COLIBRIX, to provide scholarships to cover tuition fees. COLIBRIX is the latest scholarship provider to award one scholarship to a final year Bachelor of Business Administration student for one year. This scholarship is intended to support one outstanding student and cover the entire tuition fees for this academic year 2023/2024. Following an assessment of the students’ performance and after reading their motivation letters, COLIBRIX has awarded its scholarship to Katrina Strazda.

The company recognizes that education is a catalyst for innovation, and awarding a scholarship to a Riga Business School student is a testament to the school’s commitment to developing the next generation of industry professionals. Acknowledging the challenges that students face in their final year of study, COLIBRIX aims to inspire and help one talented individual by providing funding for their final year of study. This partnership demonstrates COLIBRIX’s commitment to the development of both individuals and the financial sector as a whole.

Higher education is the key to a successful career, and our company is convinced that motivating students will help us create competitive professionals in the future. As an employer, it is our job to attract young professionals. We are delighted to start working with Riga Business School to support talented students and help them achieve their goals!

Jūlija Adēlija Dobrovolska

Academic achievements, in particular GPA, were taken into account in the evaluation process. Candidates with a GPA of 8 or above qualified for the scholarship. During the selection process, the top five candidates were contacted individually by the selection committee, taking into account their academic achievements. They were required to submit a motivation letter. This letter served as an additional assessment to understand the candidates’ motivation, aspirations, and potential contribution to the field or program.

In a tough competition, the COLIBRIX scholarship has been awarded to Katrīna Strazda, a determined 3rd year student pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. The scholarship award committee consisted of Riga Business School representatives, including Head of Bachelor Programs Kārlis Ātrens and Student Engagement Manager Melisa Matvejeva, as well as six COLIBRIX representatives, including CEO Aleksandrs Bobrovs, Head of Marketing Aleksandra Kitina, HR Director Julia Adelia Dobrovolska and others. The scholarship award ceremony took place on 25 October at COLIBRIX. 

The COLIBRIX scholarship offers significant financial support to a final-year undergraduate student. It is a blessing to receive such support from a growing company with which we are neighbors in the center of Riga. Financial support is important for students to achieve excellent academic results, and Katrina, who is one such student, has received significant financial support at an important stage of her academic journey.

Kārlis Ātrens
Bachelor Program Lead, Riga Business School

I want to express my gratitude to both COLIBRIX and Riga Business School for giving me this extra motivation to push myself even harder for the final year of my studies. I had quite the encouragement to apply from both my friends and family, as they knew how much the scholarship would mean to me, and they were sure I had given lots of my free time to the university during the last year of my studies. Moreover, this serves to me as a sort of recognition for the job well done and also motivates me to do more for the community around me. For now, I will definitely continue learning and doing what I love, and, as I would like to say, good deeds always come back.

Katrīna Strazda
the recipient of the scholarship, a third-year Bachelor of Business Administration student

Information about COLIBRIX:

COLIBRIX is a UK-based payment service provider specializing in cutting-edge payment solutions for businesses worldwide. As a trusted partner, they help a wide range of businesses by making payment processes smoother and improving their profits. COLIBRIX offers many services, like accepting global card payments and connecting with different local payment methods. Committed to unwavering excellence, the company prioritizes client security and service quality, reinforcing our reputation as an industry leader.

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