RBS projects

Riga Business School is always looking for opportunities to provide knowledge to our current students, and to share our expertise in various business fields with a broader audience. To do that, we are involved in a number of projects to help educate practitioners from the business world, support startups, and train faculty members of several leading Latvian universities and schools.

Mini MBA

Teaches students how to start an innovative business and introduces them to all stages of the innovation process

Innovation Academy

24-week practical pre-acceleration program to foster the creation of globally competitive start-ups.

Buffalo Program

This program prepares the core of the Latvian digitalization university faculty members, providing an opportunity to study high-level digital skills.

MIT J-WEL Program

Administrative and teaching staff, and other professionals involved in education management and policymaking can participate in the MIT J-WEL international program.

CS50x Latvia Program

Brings the CS50x, a Computer Science course developed by Harvard University professor David J. Malan, to high schools in Latvia.

EducationUSA Latvia

EducationUSA Information Center is the only official information source in Latvia about educational institutions in the United States of America.

Master of Science in Smart, Secure and Interconnected Systems

In order to increase the number of highly educated specialists in the ICT field essential for the further development of national economy, we will collaborate with foreign partners to design a joint Master program.