On Friday, April 19th, in the presence of representatives of the state administration, AI promoters and experts, lecturers, students, representatives of governmental and non-governmental organizations, as well as industry, Riga Business School as a structural unit of Riga Technical University and Latvian Information Technology Cluster officially opened the artificial intelligence center, AI Studio, a new center for promoting digital innovation, technological excellence, and awareness raising.

The new program is based on the close cooperation between Riga Business School and Latvian Information Technology Cluster, combining theoretical knowledge with practical experience and industry innovation to create a special environment for digital excellence.

The mission of AI Studio is to become a hub where entrepreneurs, researchers, students, and policy makers work together to understand and leverage the value of artificial intelligence to solve business and societal challenges, find new business models, and improve the productivity of our human capital. It should also be a place of inspiration and networking, where our people will learn how to talk to AI.

Claudio Rivera
Director of Riga Business School

I am delighted about this initiative as it will help entrepreneurs to find the most powerful tools and to better understand the digital world and the opportunities offered by AI. It is important to put AI into practice without being afraid to use its potential. We want to increase the international competitiveness of our companies, making Latvia even more visible on the world’s digital map.

Aiga Irmeja
Executive Director of Latvian Information Technology Cluster and Chair of the Board of the European Digital Innovation Center

The event brought together partners who presented their experience and achievements in the field of artificial intelligence, while sharing about the technologies, principles and methods they put into practice to improve product and service offerings. The company, Apply, demonstrated its ability to solve industry-specific problems with tailor-made AI solutions. Tilde revealed its latest advances in language technology, highlighting the ability of AI to improve text and speech processing. Squalio shared its experience of integrating AI to improve IT infrastructure and cybersecurity. Asya outlined how their speech and call analysis technologies can help improve the efficiency and quality of customer service. Tomega showcased the latest office, education and audio/visual technologies, offering an insight into a range of innovative solutions that can significantly improve the efficiency of work and learning processes.

The short lectures at the AI Studio launch event provided insights into the potential of AI and raised important questions about the ethics and transparency of AI. Professor Raphaël Weuts during his lecture “Unlocking our AI Potential” analyzed the potential of AI to contribute to different fields and highlighted the risks of data interpretation and bias, encouraging attendees to reflect on how these technologies can be used responsibly and effectively. Professor Chiaki Bems discussed the integration of AI ethics in education, stressing the need to be aware of the importance of ethical use of technology and challenging the audience to think about the moral dilemmas posed by AI. Both presentations stimulated deeper reflection on the future role of AI and its impact on society.

AI Studio is more than just a knowledge center; it is a place where new ideas are born every time we talk to partners and enthusiasts about what is here and what our goals are. One of the first ideas was to create a knowledge base covering all possible examples of AI implementation – problems, solutions, results – and how best to communicate this information to stakeholders. So we have created an interactive AI catalog that is accessible to everyone who visits AI Studio, and we are thinking about ways to make it even more user-friendly.

Kaspars Mezeriņš
AI Studio and IT Department Manager of Riga Business School

The AI Studio gives you the opportunity to learn about artificial intelligence and digital solutions, as well as discover practical use cases in different fields. A series of training programs is planned to ensure the practical application of the knowledge provided in everyday work, covering a variety of topics including automation, contributing to the development of digital skills in society. The AI Studio will also foster community building around AI applications, experimentation, cooperative projects, and the exploration of AI applications, all while providing a knowledge and competence hub.

Paula Elksne
Director of Education Innovation Laboratory at Riga Business School

At AI Studio’s opening event, the Memorandum of Cooperation was signed, symbolizing the commitment and cooperation in promoting digital excellence and innovation in Latvia. The launch of AI Studio has marked the beginning of a new era in the use of AI in education and research, as well as its practical application in Latvian businesses, providing new opportunities for digital development and innovation.

For more information about AI Studio, please visit: https://rbs.lv/aistudio/

Submit your use case today and inspire others: https://forms.gle/8W4CMHk5f4ebpda3A

The project is funded by the European Union and NextGenerationEU.

More information:

Kaspars Mezeriņš, AI Studio un IT Department Manager of Riga Business School, aistudio@rbs.lv, kaspars.mezerins@rbs.lv

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