Meeting with the State Chancellery to Boost Latvian-American Education Partnerships

The Education Innovation Laboratory at RTU Riga Business School recently organized a significant meeting at the State Chancellery, with a primary focus on fostering collaborations between higher education institutions in Latvia and the United States. The gathering included representatives from Riga Technical University, Riga Stradiņš University, University of Latvia, Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies, the US Embassy in Riga, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of Health. Key stakeholders, including representatives from University at Buffalo, Harvard University, [...]

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Light Up Latvia Gathers 300 Latvian and American Education, Government, and Business leaders

The education innovation conference "Light Up Latvia" brought together almost 300 participants on 9 November in Riga. The aim of the conference was to celebrate the development of innovation-driven higher education in Latvia and to promote stakeholder interaction. The conference featured speakers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, University at Buffalo, as well as leaders from Latvian universities, public administration and business. Attendees included education leaders, academics and researchers, business leaders, government officials and local representatives, NGOs, venture capitalists and students. The conference [...]

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Latvia facilitates the transfer of business knowledge to Africa

In October, Riga Business School, as a structural unit of Riga Technical University, traveled to Namibia and Zambia to lead "She Rebuilds the World" young female entrepreneurs' boot camps, which brought together more than 90 entrepreneurial women from Africa.The new season also includes a Train the Trainer phase to ensure further knowledge transfer in Africa. The "She Rebuilds the World" project has provided a platform enabling a transfer of Latvian entrepreneurial skills to young and aspiring African women entrepreneurs through various initiatives. In January, boot [...]

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Team “Mežmaži” from Riga State Gymnasium No 1 Wins the Logic Game Riga Puzzle Day

On November 2nd, for the first time in Latvia and the Baltics, the logic game "Riga Puzzle Day" took place. More than 170 11th grade students from Riga Municipality schools took part and competed against each other by solving 10 logic problems inspired by the prestigious Harvard University. The team of students from Riga State Gymnasium No. 1 "Mežmaži" were the winners in a fierce competition. Seeing the enthusiasm of young people in solving the tasks and their emotions when discussing [...]

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Agnese Strazda: From Scenarios to the Definition of Success

A good friend of mine suggested that I write a summary of what I learned from what I heard and said at a working session at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston. This session and program for leaders and participants of the Latvian education ecosystem was organized by the Education Innovation Lab, which operates under the umbrella of Riga Business School as a department of Riga Technical University with the aim of strengthening the value of the education ecosystem for economic transformation. My [...]

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Riga Business School 3rd year student Katrīna Strazda receives COLIBRIX scholarship

In order to support outstanding and dedicated students, Riga Business School has partnered with several companies, including financial technology company COLIBRIX, to provide scholarships to cover tuition fees. COLIBRIX is the latest scholarship provider to award one scholarship to a final year Bachelor of Business Administration student for one year. This scholarship is intended to support one outstanding student and cover the entire tuition fees for this academic year 2023/2024. Following an assessment of the students' performance and after reading their motivation letters, COLIBRIX has awarded [...]

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Up to 50% tuition fee reduction available for high-level executive training

Riga Business School, as a structural unit of RTU, provides an opportunity to receive up to 50% tuition fee reduction for the Executive MBA or Executive Master of Business Administration program. The tuition fee reduction is provided for the training of senior managers of state and local government budget institutions, as well as non-governmental organizations, with the aim to promote the development of these managers and the continuous strengthening of their change management skills. The training will last about two years and is scheduled to [...]

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300 high school students to play the logic game “Riga Puzzle Day”

On November 2, for the first time in Latvia and the Baltics, the logic game "Riga Puzzle Day" will take place, during which almost 300 11th-grade students from schools under the jurisdiction of Riga Municipality will have to solve ten logic problems inspired by the prestigious Harvard University. Addressing the growing stigma that coding is boring and complex, and the subsequent labor shortage in technology industries, the game aims to encourage more young people to develop problem-solving and creative thinking skills by engaging students in [...]

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The “Innovation Academy” pre-acceleration phase starts

As the first phase of the “Innovation Academy” draws to a conclusion, the program team is preparing for the second phase of the season - the pre-acceleration. The pre-acceleration phase of the “Innovation Academy” is open for applications from 16 October to 6 November 2023 at inovacijuakademija.lv. Participation in the first part of the program is not a prerequisite for applying for the second part. The first phase of the “Innovation Academy” brought together 143 participants, learning the basics of innovative entrepreneurship. Participants have worked [...]

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World’s Top Universities Train Latvian Education Leaders in Boston

Last week, 36 education, policy, and business leaders took part in a program led by the Education Innovation Laboratory in Boston, United States of America. Under the guidance of the world's best universities, the program’s goal was to promote cooperation between Latvian higher education institutions, entrepreneurs, and policy makers in developing innovation, as well as exploring and discussing examples of cooperation to integrate science-based solutions into business. During the program, participants received practical advice and case studies of collaboration from some of the world's top [...]

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