During the next academic year several donors – IT company UNISO, digital marketing company Httpool, and Sanda Liepiņa as a  private donor – have agreed to continue to support Riga Business School Bachelor of IT leadership students on their path to global education and studies in English as provided by professors from many countries world. In total, the scholarships contributed by these donors in the 2023/2024 academic year will be equal to the annual tuition fee for five students or approximately EUR 25 000. Scholarships will be awarded to first-year students in the Riga Business School Bachelor of IT leadership program. 

The three scholarships contributed by Sanda Liepiņa as a private donor will be administered by the RTU Development Fund, and the Httpool and UNISO  scholarships will be administered by Vītols Fund. In addition to the scholarships granted by donors, Riga Business School will continue to provide Excellence Scholarships to several students demonstrating distinguished results in studies.

On behalf of Riga Business School I thank the donors, knowing how important financial support can be in the development of young talents. Considering that during the first study years, we insist that students fully devote themselves to studies, funding of studies can be crucial. Riga Business School uses innovative teaching methods to promote student involvement and facilitate the learning process. Students work on real-life projects; engage in interdisciplinary studies to develop critical thinking and work in teams to improve communication and cooperation skills. You need to devote yourself fully to this at the beginning of your studies.

Claudio Rivera
Riga Business School Deputy Director, Bachelor Programs Director

The Bachelor of IT leadership program provided by Riga Business School as a part of Riga Technical University is a  new offer in education in Latvia – a high-level program combining technical and management areas and introducing an interdisciplinary program tradition. I am delighted that I can financially support young people whose knowledge, ambitions, and work capacity opens up the opportunity to study at this global level program. With conviction that we are the ones creating our environment and country, I hope that other professionals and Riga Business School Alumni will establish scholarships to support talented youth and continue the Riga Bu3siness School educational innovation and excellence tradition.

Sanda Liepiņa
Global Lead and Program Manager at International Finance Corporation

Being an alumnus of Riga Business School, I am aware of the great value of acquiring new knowledge and how it can be used practically. When supporting students, for me, it is important to support the creation of the human capital in Latvia. In this way, we strengthen the Latvian economy and become powerful not only on the national but also on the global scale. Besides, working in the business environment, I have observed several times that high-quality education forms a foundation helping the individual to think innovatively and boldly, without fearing changes and technological progress. It is the foundation we need to help grow.

Arnis Ozols
Httpool Regional Director in the Baltic’s, Poland, and Finland

UNISO is a company with more than 20 years experience in information technology where skilled professionals are crucial. We are happy that we have an opportunity to support determined and motivated young people in achieving their professional life goals. We hope that the support of UNISO SIA will provide a contribution both for the individual growth of the student and also the development of the Latvian information technology community in general.

Jānis Rumkovskis
Board Member at UNISO

Riga Business School bachelor study programs offer a unique possibility for students to obtain a double diploma in one of the two leading business and IT universities in Europe and the USA – BI Norwegian Business School or University at Buffalo School of Management. Also, Riga Business School takes part in the ERASMUS+ program and cooperates with universities in Japan, South Korea and France to provide additional opportunities to study abroad.

The Bachelor of IT leadership program was established in 2019 to create a next-level interdisciplinary program in the region where business management knowledge is combined with technology management creating a strong professional advantage in the labor market. Considering the long-standing successful cooperation of Riga Business School as part of RTU with the University at Buffalo State University of New York, USA, both in terms of program development, further education of academic staff, and offering of the double diploma, University at Buffalo was chosen as the main partner for this program.

In cooperation with RTU Development Fund and Vītols Fund, currently, scholarships to 21 Riga Business School students are provided by SEB bank, Swedbank, Luminor, BluOr Bank, Citadele bank, TietoEvry, WeAreDots Squalio, Uniso, Httpool and Sanda Liepiņa.

Up to now, the total amount of tuition provided in the form of scholarships from the finance and IT sectors is more than EUR 250 000. Scholarships for studies are offered for the students whose results and academic achievements are of a high level. The largest scholarships provider to Riga Business School  – SEB bank – in 2019 confirmed their commitment to provide scholarships 

More information about Bachelor programs: https://rbs.lv/bachelor/

More information:

Agnese Strazda, Riga Business School Director of Communication and Marketing, agnese.strazda@rbs.lv

Sanda Šutina, Riga Business School Cooperation and Marketing Projects Manager, sanda.sutina@rbs.lv

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