Riga Business School proudly announces the successful gathering of its Visiting Committee, including representatives from industry, academia, and public administration. The committee, which meets three times a year, plays a crucial role in guiding the institution’s development by providing valuable external perspectives.

The May meeting brought together members from the Bachelor Programs’ Committee and the Master Programs’ Committee to discuss key issues impacting higher education and the advancement of RBS. The agenda featured discussions on the importance and impact of the Visiting Committee, insights from MIT on effective committee roles, and exercises to enhance the development and perception of RBS programs. Additionally, the committee provided input for future sessions, ensuring ongoing progress and innovation.

Topics covered during the meetup included trends in higher education, faculty development, course reviews (including Fintech, AI, and Innovation Management), student services, dropout rates, and the perspectives of alumni and active students in the industry. A significant focus was placed on addressing existing skills and knowledge gaps, ensuring that RBS programs remain relevant and comprehensive.

Looking ahead to the next meeting in October 2024, the committee will tackle several important tasks: creating more internship opportunities for students, attracting industry scholarships for outstanding students, identifying and bridging knowledge gaps, and overcoming industry-specific challenges.

Riga Business School extends special thanks to speakers Claudio Rivera, Anjali Sastry, Inese Muzikante, and Agnese Strazda for their insightful contributions. The institution also expresses gratitude to the Visiting Committee members for their invaluable support and expertise: Kārlis Danēvičs, Ingmārs Pūķis, Monika Sońta, Ilze Kūle, Konstantīns Oševerovs, Andris Dlohi, Liene Perija, Gatis Ozols, Iain Kennedy, Dins Šmits, Katrīne Judovica, Ainārs Ozols, Atis Zvidriņš, and Ilze Grase Ķibilde.

Through the collaborative efforts of the Visiting Committee, Riga Business School continues to align its programs with industry needs, preparing students for successful careers. The school looks forward to the next meetup in October, where further advancements and innovative solutions will be discussed.

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