The Riga Technical University (RTU) Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology Master’s study programme “Materials Science and Nanotechnologies” has undergone significant improvements with the new intake year – it has been supplemented with knowledge acquisition opportunities in entrepreneurship and innovation to promote the future commercialization of new materials development, as well as to prepare leaders in materials technology entrepreneurship and innovation. In the new academic year, the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology will implement this program with Riga Business School (RTU Riga Business School).

Anyone with a bachelor’s degree in materials science or chemical engineering, or a bachelor’s degree in chemistry or physics or biology, or equivalent, can apply. The programme offers 20 state-funded budget places. RTU invites both students immediately after their Bachelor’s degree and those who have already gained experience in the labor market.

The study program aims to prepare leaders for future challenges in materials science and nanotechnologies by offering master’s students to acquire management skills to work in the high-tech industry, thus contributing to the transformation of the Latvian industry to achieve higher added value and exportability.

In the program “Materials Science and Nanotechnologies”, the Faculty offers skills- and competence-based higher-level engineering education. Alongside in-depth theoretical knowledge, students will be encouraged to acquire practical skills in academic institutions, high-tech manufacturing companies, and governmental and non-governmental organizations in Latvia and abroad. In cooperation with Riga Business School as a structural unit of RTU, students will be able to specialize in entrepreneurship and innovation to develop management skills for work in the high-tech industry. For each course successfully completed at Riga Business School, students will receive a certificate of completion.

The study program will include general courses on modeling and calculating physical processes in materials, creating innovative products and technologies, specific materials, their properties, and applications, as well as internships in high-tech companies.

Graduates will be able to work as high-level experts and engineers in high-tech manufacturing companies dealing with materials processing and process modeling, new materials and technology development, and product design, as well as in testing, certification, and quality laboratories. Graduates will have the knowledge to develop innovative products and the skills to start their own start-ups.

The Master’s programme “Materials Science and Nanotechnologies” is accredited 2023, by achieving an excellent rating and a maximum accreditation period of six years. The program is designed and monitored by eminent academics, industry representatives, and professional organizations.

The program is part of the international Advanced Materials for Innovation and Sustainability (AMIS) program, which is implemented at several universities worldwide – Grenoble INP (Grenoble Institute of Engineering and Management), Aalto University, TU Darmstadt, University of Bordeaux and University of Liège, offering students the opportunity to study part of the program at one of the partner universities.

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