On February 27, the Riga Business School Alumni Association convened for its Annual Meeting. Among the day’s highlights was the election of the new Alumni Association Board.

We’re pleased to announce the appointment of five exceptional individuals to the board, marking a significant milestone for our association:

Ilze Kauce (continuing work on the board), Aleksandrs Klavins, Guna Soloveja, Elina Strautmane, Ekaterina Cheberiak.

Additionally, we’re excited to introduce our newly appointed President and Vice President, who will lead with dedication:

President: Ilze Kauce

Vice President: Valdis Zeps

“I am excited and honored to take the lead for the next two years in order to grow and strengthen the RBS ecosystem and alumni community!”

Ilze Kauce

President of Riga Business School Alumni Association

We extend heartfelt gratitude to the outgoing board members for their tireless service and exemplary leadership: Kaspars Lukačovs, Pauls Perkons, Pauls Jansons, and Evelina Vietere.

“The alumni community is always a strong foundation for any business school, and we can see in our story that our alumni have left a substantial impact on the development of RBS. We want to engage them more often and offer them the place in RBS they deserve. The Alumni Association and the management team are working on an alumni strategy, and we are looking forward to the renaissance of the Alumni community.”

Claudio Rivera

Riga Business School Director

As we enter this new chapter, we’re confident that the collective wisdom and vision of both new and existing board members will guide us toward our shared objectives of fostering a strong and connected RBS alumni community.

Stay tuned for upcoming initiatives and opportunities to connect and engage with fellow alumni.

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