Riga Business School is joining Texas International Education Consortium (TIEC), and we are looking forward to the many opportunities that this partnership will bring not only to RBS but also to institutions in Texas! Back in September a team from Riga Business School including Claudio Rivera, Paula Elksne, and Shelby Little had the opportunity to meet face to face with not only TIEC as an organization, but with various universities and professionals to discuss future collaborations.

Since 1985, TIEC has been fostering global partnerships for over forty institutions, promoting international strategies and student mobility. Riga Business School (RBS) has chosen to join TIEC for a two-year collaboration, anticipating benefits such as access to the Texan market, collaboration with Texas Medical Center, and opportunities for student exchanges. Through TIEC, RBS plans to establish at least one student exchange program, conduct an online co-teaching activity, gain insights into development that are taking place in American universities today, and contribute to building the innovation ecosystem on a larger scale.

We are delighted to welcome Riga Business School as our inaugural European partner within the Texas International Education Consortium (TIEC). This addition not only enriches our network but also enhances our ability to provide our member institutions with valuable global insights. Riga Business School’s renowned commitment to excellence and innovation perfectly aligns with our shared mission to utilize higher education internationalization to improve social, economic, and environmental sustainability across the globe. Together, we envision a future where international collaboration transcends borders, driving positive change. We look forward to the unique perspective and expertise Riga Business School brings to TIEC, and we anticipate a successful partnership ahead.

Dr. William Smith

Director of Global Education and Impact at the Texas International Education Consortium

We definitely will be sharing more details to come, but are excited for all of the possibilities to come!

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