Riga Business School, as a structural unit of RTU, provides an opportunity to receive up to 50% tuition fee reduction for the Executive MBA or Executive Master of Business Administration program. The tuition fee reduction is provided for the training of senior managers of state and local government budget institutions, as well as non-governmental organizations, with the aim to promote the development of these managers and the continuous strengthening of their change management skills.

The training will last about two years and is scheduled to start in January 2024, with training taking place once a month over one weekend from Thursday to Saturday inclusive. In addition to 15 core and specialized subjects or topics, Riga Business School also provides practical sessions and exchanges on leadership development throughout the study period. Studies are conducted in English.

“The desire to strengthen one’s business acumen and management skills is also essential for managers of non-profit and public institutions. That is why the opportunity to study Executive MBA and receive a discount of up to 50% is a very responsible and forward-looking step on the part of Riga Business School. Riga Business School’s Executive MBA program is known for its quality in the country and beyond, and for me personally, as a recent graduate, it has been an important growth experience. This program gives me the opportunity to invest in my professional development with a diverse group of leaders representing business, non-profit, and government institutions.”

Andris Grafs
Vice President of the Baltic Institute of Corporate Governance

“Regardless of where we work – in the public or private sector – competence and development must be at the same level. Our decisions depend not only on our own working environment but also on those of our colleagues and society. A medical institution and a hospital is an extremely complex mechanism, which often retains traces of the past that it is high time to remove. But any change must be implemented properly. The Executive MBA program also has the advantage of teaching in English, which is an indispensable necessity for today’s managers. For these reasons – I decided to apply and was really happy to have the opportunity to get a highly professional education with a 50% discount. Professionalism at work should not depend on the sphere or field in which we work.”

Margarita Epermane
Member of the Board, Bauska Hospital

“It has always been important for us to foster human development. That is why we invite the leaders of state and municipal institutions, as well as non-governmental organizations, to take advantage of the opportunity offered by Riga Business School, as our mission is to provide education for leadership in the age of technology.”

Claudio Rivera
Director, Riga Business School

Applications for the tuition fee reduction are assessed on the basis of the limited number of students per Executive MBA course. Up to 50% tuition fee reduction is available for heads of state and local government budget institutions, in some cases also state and local government capital companies, heads of non-governmental organizations or departments, as well as government representatives involved in diplomatic activities. Riga Business School has the right to refuse co-financing based on the decision of the Admissions Committee. The deadline for applications is 4 December this year.

Areas of study in this senior executive program include organizational management and behavioral concepts, ethics, business sustainability issues, decision-making, management financial planning, human resources management, IT strategies, and digitalization management, as well as legal issues. 

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Sanda Šutina, Marketing and Communication Project Manager, sanda.sutina@rbs.lv

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