Davis Emīls Zīle is a first year student in Riga Business School Bachelor of Business Administration program. He describes himself as the true patriot of Latvia who is ready to help other people and the country in general. Davis devotes his free time to the community. For example, he is a student ambassador and serves in the Latvian National Guard. Also, Davis enjoys active recreation like playing floorball and beach volleyball. In this interview with Davis, he explains why he decided to study at Riga Business School, revealed his accomplished childhood dreams and future path. 

Tell us about your daily routine! How are you able to find time for everything?

I devote most of my time to studies; they take most of my week. I also play sports, serve in the National Guard, am a student ambassador, and work at the Threecube company. It is not easy; sometimes I “miss the mark”. During the first study year it is not 100% clear how things are done and what is the best way to coordinate my routine. Of course, calendar apps help to keep activities from overlapping. I think that the rest is motivation. If you have motivation, you will find a way to do it all. If you lack motivation, you can just sit in bed and do nothing. At those moments I remember how much I still have to do and then I don’t have a choice – I have to get up and do it. 

Is Threecube your company? 

No, but I am the CEO there. It started as a student company and was established by young people from the Agenskalns State Gymnasium. I met them during a Business Day event where I had my own training company that I had decided to close. The students jokingly asked me: “Do you want to be our CEO?” I said yes, and we agreed to it with a handshake, and then during autumn, it happened. I became the CEO of the company!

You are actively involved in community work – both during studies and outside of them – what motivates you to do it?

I like to help people and to find a use for myself by helping others. I am also very patriotic, and my biggest dream is to become rich in order to help develop Latvia. I would like to invest and increase the salaries of teachers and doctors or develop various projects. This is the root of my motivation to act – make my dear country even better. I also don’t mind being a volunteer and helping others because I know that when I help others, I am making my country better. Also, in applying to become a student ambassador, my goal was to help others. I thought it was important that students learn about the opportunity to pursue a creative and high-quality education here in Latvia. You don’t have to necessarily go to Denmark or the Netherlands to study!

You demonstrate a true entrepreneurial spirit – a willingness to take up responsibilities and accomplish things. Is this the reason why you chose to study business? 

Yes and no. Honestly, only during my last year of high school I understood that I wanted to study Business Administration, but I did not know where. I was searching for options both abroad and in Latvia, and then I came across Riga Business School. I applied for the Greenhouse programme, and it helped me to understand that I want to study here and only here. At that time I thought that if I don’t get accepted in Riga Business School, I will not pursue studies at all, but I succeeded!

So you engaged with Riga Business School already during your high school years through the Greenhouse programme. This year you were also the face of the programme! What did you gain from this experience? 

If we are talking about heartfelt topics, then I achieved my childhood dream of becoming a model! I remember telling my parents that I was going to be this or that model. Finally, it came true – I was the face of Greenhouse! If we are talking about more serious topics, then this programme made my choice regarding Riga Business School crystal clear – I met students, academic staff, and administration, and enjoyed the possibility of working in groups. 

How do you describe the study process here?

Fast-paced. You don’t have time to sit around and do nothing. You have to really focus to understand and comprehend everything. There is a lot of group work that I will greatly benefit from in the future while working on projects or in any company. I truly like the attitude of the professors. I have heard that in other educational establishments, professors regard themselves as higher than you. Here it is not the case – professors are on the same level as you and they will never reject help. I have approached the academic staff with questions about ThreeCube, and they were happy to help and explained how to do things better.

What are your next steps towards your goals and dreams?

I have to think carefully about that because I am not completely sure yet. Since childhood, I was switching and changing my future career dreams. At one moment I wanted to become a firefighter, then an attorney, then a diplomat, then a businessman or an actor. I think that the most important thing is to move forward. I know that I will say “yes” to the opportunities that life will offer. I don’t have a defined goal, but I think it is a good thing. For example, if I set a goal that after five years I want to earn EUR 50 000, but I will achieve EUR 45 000, I will be happy and not disappointed. I have my path and a direction where I want to move – forward. 

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