High School students are invited to apply for a three-week program to try out business and IT studies

To experience  the study process and see the benefits  that modern and international education in Latvia provides, high school students from all over Latvia are invited to participate in the three-week RBS Greenhouse program. This is the second year that Riga Business School is organizing this program to gather the brightest, most active and entrepreneurial young people. The program will allow participants to experience our international and modern bachelor programs that are equal or even surpass those of a  number of foreign universities. Last year, more than 50 young people graduated from RBS Greenhouse, and every third Riga Business School student is an RBS Greenhouse program alumni.

In the first two weeks, RBS Greenhouse program participants enjoy  lectures from our international faculty, as well as workshops from experts from  Latvian leading companies such as SEB bank and Peero. They also have excursions to Tet and Luminor, as well as other valuable experiences. In the third week of the program, students will work on business challenges created by the technology company Tietoevry, and will compete for scholarships and other prizes. The application period is open until January 10, 2023 on the website greenhouse.rbs.lv. The program will take place from January 16 to February 4 of the next year. The program is held in English.

Taking into account the current transformation of the education system to competence-based content and interdisciplinarity, the goal of Riga Business School is to inspire young people to choose modern business education for leadership in a technology-based environment here in Latvia.

The aim of Riga Business School is to innovate and improve education for the needs of society’s growth, while at the same time creating experiences that help students to acquire interdisciplinary skills. Qualified young specialists with broad skills are absolutely irreplaceable in today’s labor market. It is no longer enough for an employee to be well educated in one narrow field. We develop both soft and hard skills of our students, and this will be a winning skillset in the future.

Claudio Rivera
Deputy Director of Riga Business School and Director of Bachelor Programs

The RBS Greenhouse program is divided into two tracks, and high school students can  choose one of the two tracks or attend lectures, workshops from both tracks based on their interests. In the “Bachelor of Business Administration” direction, topics such as innovation, leadership, ideation processes and prototyping will be covered. The “Bachelor of IT Leadership” direction also includes topics related to leadership, but in this track the focus will be on IT topics – data analysis and programming. After two weeks of training, young people with the support of mentors (RBS students) will work on  business challenges faced by the technology company Tietoevry. At the end of the program, young people will receive prizes from RBS Greenhouse supporters. Young people who have participated in the RBS Greenhouse program receive additional evaluation points that will be added to their results in the Riga Business School admission process, thus giving young people an additional chance to get admitted to Riga Business School and receive scholarship. The RBS Greenhouse program is supported by Peero, SEB, Tet, Luminor, Tietoevry, Vapiano, Radisson, ForumCinemas, Kūkas Gardas, Dārzas limonade, and Lieliska Dāvana. The informative partners of the program are EHR and IR.

Young people can apply for the RBS Greenhouse program until January 10, 2023 on the website greenhouse.rbs.lv. Participation in the program is free, and 10th-12th grade students from all over Latvia are invited to apply. The program will take place from January 16 to February 4 of the next year. For more information, please visit greenhouse.rbs.lv.