10.6.2023 / 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Riga Business School participates in the LAMPA conversation festival

On June 10th at 12.30 PM, Riga Business School joins the Latvian Social Entrepreneurship Association’s initiative and joins the conversation festival LAMPA on the “Constellation of Social Entrepreneurs” (“Sociālo uzņēmēju Zvaigznājs”) stage in the discussion “When education is innovated in Latvia, we reach Harvard, Buffalo and MIT”.


If there were no inspiring visionaries and bold doers, Harvard, MIT and Buffalo would never be part of the agenda of the Latvian education system.

In 2019, RBS decided to take university faculty to the University of Buffalo, New York State, USA, to learn digital skills. Additionally, in 2022, the MIT Leaders Program was launched, which allows high-level managers in education, public administration and companies to learn the best practices for effective implementation of educational innovations. RBS also drove the introduction of Harvard University professor David J. Malan’s renown computer science training course CS50x in Latvia, by localizing and offering it to local schools.
We learn from the world’s best content and transfer it here in Latvia!

This discussion will be moderated by Claudio Rivera, Director of the RTU RBS MIT J-WEL project, Deputy Dean, and incoming director of Riga Business School.

In the discussion, each innovative education program will be represented by one graduate:

  • Buffalo program – by Anita Gaile, Change architect, lecturer at Riga Business School and LU, business management trainer and coach
  • Harvard CS50x program – by Māra Ozola, Computer and programming teacher at Valmiera Pārgauja State Gymnasium and Rūjiena Secondary School
  • MIT program – TBC.

More info: https://festivalslampa.lv/lv/programma/pasakumi/2188

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