On 14 March, the second annual “Idea Day” conference for teachers and school management will be hosted, which will bring together education and technology experts to share their experiences and present concrete tools and methods for meaningful use of technology and teaching. Idea Day is organised by Riga Business School as a department of Riga Technical University (RTU) with financial support from LMT and Ozoco. The organisers invite you to register for the Idea Day conference by 8 March here: https://idejudiena.rbs.lv/

In the first part of the conference “Idea Day”, Douglas Kiang from the USA, who has more than 28 years of experience teaching STEM topics to people of different ages and levels, including at Harvard University, will share his inspiring experiences; Guna Puce, e-government expert and passionate advocate of digitalisation, who has shared her experience in various projects abroad – Oman, South Africa, Panama, Namibia, etc., helping governments to modernise services in the business environment; and Māra Jākobsone, Board Member of the Latvian Information and Communication Technology Association (LIKTA) and Coordinator for Information Society Development and Digital Skills.

In the second part of the day, participants will have the opportunity to take part in workshops on five themes based on the European Commission’s Digital Competences Framework, which helps educational institutions, employers and policy makers to understand and assess digital competences in different areas. The final session will be a discussion on “How to improve digital competences of teachers?” and an inspirational story from student Robert Legzdiņš on the development of Spotloc.

The central goal of the Idea Day conference is to promote technology in Latvian schools. To achieve this, Riga Business School works in close cooperation with public administration institutions and technology industry partner LMT.

Anda Čakša, the Minister of Education and Science: “Last year’s Idea Day for technology teachers was a valuable initiative that promoted the learning of the latest technologies, with which Riga Business School as a RTU unit demonstrated the need to introduce such training in everyday school lessons, not only for teachers of “Programming” or “Design and Technology”, but also for teachers of other subjects. I would like to express gratitude to Riga Business School for organising the event again, bringing together companies with excellent technology practices and teachers in Latvia to provide them with practical skills and contribute to the overall technological development of schools. I invite all teachers to be part of the Idea Day – to be inspired and take the best ideas back to their schools.”

Claudio Rivera, the Director at Riga Business School: “Building on last year’s successful Idea Day, which brought together more than 150 teachers of coding, design, technology and other subjects, this year teachers are invited to develop and learn how to use world-class technologies and incorporate best practices into their daily work. I would like to underline that, as a continuation of a previous initiative, teachers of subjects other than information technology are also invited to participate. Thanks to the support of LMT, this year we have taken inspiration from the DigComp European Framework for Citizens’ Digital Competences to promote technological literacy in 5 competence areas: information and data literacy, communication and collaboration, digital content and its creation, security and problem solving. Technology is now an important part of our daily lives and our professional lives, so these skills will support teachers to make the best use of the latest technologies.”

The conference will take place at Riga Technical University, Zunda krastmala 8. The event will be held in person, with the possibility to watch part of the programme live. More information and registration: https://idejudiena.rbs.lv/

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