Riga Business School incorporates many traditions, especially during the first few months of the student’s journey: Meet the Neighbours, Bonding Camp, First Day of Studies, First Month of Studies, and Thanksgiving. 

With the first tradition behind them and the final day of Bonding Camp taking place today, our students are set for the subsequent tradition – their first day of studies and learning more about what it’s like being a student at Riga Business School during O-week. 

However, on August 22nd, “Meet the Neighbors” became a hallmark tradition for the Riga Business School community, where for the second consecutive year, our incoming students received a warm welcome from our close neighbors and partners, who acknowledged the paramount importance of collaboration and extended their best wishes to our new cohort. 

The new students, together with Director Claudio Rivera, Director of Programs, Communication, and Student Experience Agnese Strazda, Bachelor Programs Director Karlis Ātrens, Associate Professor and Academic Advisor Zakia Siddiqui, and members of the Student Union, visited three esteemed partners in the vicinity of Riga Business School. First, the students were greeted by Ingmārs Pūķis, the Vice President and member of the Board at Latvijas Mobilais Telefons. This meeting was special because Ingmārs also participated in the previous “Meet the Neighbours” event. Afterward, they traveled to the SEB Innovation Centre, where Ance Āboliņa, the Innovation Lead, greeted them. She wished them every success in starting their academic journey and encouraged young girls to be brave and not shy away from opportunities. Finally, the Prime Minister of Latvia greeted our students at the Cabinet of Ministers. He wished them success in their studies and invited them to take advantage of the opportunities offered by their studies. The Prime Minister urged not to be afraid of change and to “always keep Latvia in your heart and choose to come back when the opportunity arises.”

Community is crucial to us, and this tradition truly symbolizes how connected we all are! We take pride in our network of partners – from business to state institutions – that support Riga Business School by providing our students with internships, scholarships, and funding for projects to innovate education!

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