Davis Indriksons describes himself as a storyteller with many interests all related to storytelling, including video editing, public speaking, and various other projects.  These interests evoke human emotions and allow people to discover and learn more. Currently, Davis is a 2nd-year Bachelor of Business Administration student at Riga Business School and the host of the Riga Business School podcast “Bottom Line Studio” for the second season. He was also the president of the Student Union for 2022/2023. Davis has many hobbies – acting, playing the guitar, demonstrating card tricks, making and playing board games, and hip-hop dancing. In this interview, we discussed getting into business studies, student life, growth, and other social activities.

You mentioned that in Form 11, it was difficult to choose between studying business or acting, which are somewhat contrasting fields. How did you decide to study business?

I found a way to merge the two. Being in the business field is, in part, a performance. For example, Donald Trump wanted to be a showman and be on stage, but he didn’t have the charisma. However, he found his way – he became a business leader with the qualities of an actor.

Why did you choose Riga Business School? 

Here, I can do presentations every day. I enjoy the business side, but during every presentation, I can use acting and storytelling. At Riga Business School, you acquire knowledge that can be useful in any field and have room to express yourself. I also spoke to students and realized that this is the right environment for me – you are constantly challenged and under pressure to do more and improve, which develops your time management skills. The work ethic I learn here will be useful in the working environment or when setting up my own business because learning throughout the day is a regular part of my everyday life, and this knowledge is practical.

What do you think is the role of education in developing a successful career?

I don’t think you need a formal education to become an entrepreneur because, in theory, online courses can provide you with everything you need. The question is, will you be disciplined enough to do it? It’s much more challenging; it requires planning. When you’re at a university, everything you need to know is handed to you “on a silver platter.” Through university, the same results can be achieved faster. Higher education is not a requirement, but it helps, and you have more respect from others.

What is the study process like at Riga Business School?

Projects and presentations are at the core here. You can build up a broad knowledge of entrepreneurship – accounting, business analysis, marketing, law, etc. This gives you a good understanding of how businesses work. Each course also has the option to gain more in-depth knowledge as well.

What has been the most rewarding or surprising aspect of Riga Business School?

The people here. From the beginning, I realized that it’s because the students here have all sorts of interests. To be accepted at Riga Business School, you must undergo a comprehensive selection process, which is not the case at every university. So only the motivated people are here, who have advanced knowledge, incredible skills, and plenty of hobbies outside of their studies. Some students here have private businesses, professional poker players, or video editors. The diversity is astonishing, but everyone is like-minded.

You are also actively involved in student life – student council and hosting the Riga Business School podcast “Bottom Line Studio.” What motivates you to be so socially active?

One of my opinion leaders is Jordan Peterson. He has fundamentally changed my life. One of his philosophies is to take on as much responsibility as possible – until you find your limits, your breaking point. You need to know where it is so you can expand it. I was only in my second month at Riga Business School when I started moderating the podcast. I had done it before, but not at such a high level. I couldn’t give it up because I wanted to do it. I planned my time and pushed my limits to grow faster. Instead of achieving something in two years, I want to achieve it in one year. It pays off both in terms of growth and competencies.

Considering how much you have achieved as a student at Riga Business School, what is the one thing you are most proud of?

The fact that I have managed to do all of the tasks that I took on well. When I took over the podcast, I assumed it would cost me a lower grade in a subject, the same as the presidency, because these responsibilities require time. But in the last year, I developed a good time management system. I found a way to accomplish everything at a good level. Ultimately, my average mark was even higher than I had hoped when I joined Riga Business School.

How do you see your future? 

This may change as I am only 20 years old and have just entered the job market, but until then, I desire to either start my own business or work for a company that improves the quality of life for as many people as possible. Studying at a university like Riga Business School places a responsibility on you to serve the society, and I think the best way to do that is by developing the economy.

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