Bonding camp

Before classes for our newly admitted bachelor program students formally start on August 28, all first-year students will participate in a cherished and highly anticipated tradition at Riga Business School—a unique three-day bonding camp!    This immersive experience aims to foster strong connections among our incoming students and warmly welcome them into our vibrant student community. Scheduled to take place from August 22 to August 24, 2023, this event is compulsory for all new students, ensuring everyone can embark on this exciting journey together.

Guest Lecture by Prof. Utpal Bhattacharya

Introduction to the “Fin” in FinTech  Prof. Utpal Bhattacharya Thursday, August 24 at 15:00-17:00   Have you ever thought of launching a FinTech but lack the foundational knowledge of the big ideas and issues in finance? Then this two hour introduction is for you. This talk is meant for those who are a part of or are interested in FinTech and know more Tech than Fin. It will guide you through the labyrinth of the big ideas in classical finance – efficient markets, arbitrage, diversification, portfolio [...]

Guest lecture by Dr. Alminas Zaldokas

Lecture: ESG Shocks in Global Supply Chains Dr. Alminas Zaldokas Friday, August 25 at 9:30-11:00    Corporations are facing increasing pressure by customers, workers, shareholders, and regulators to monitor and manage environmental and social (E&S) activities along their supply chains. Is it working? Prof. Alminas Zaldokas and co-authors show that U.S. firms cut imports and are more likely to terminate a trade relationship when their international suppliers experience environmental and social (E&S) incidents. These trade cuts are larger for publicly-listed U.S. importers facing high E&S investor [...]


📣 ATTENTION NEW STUDENTS: The countdown to O(rientation)-week 2023 has officially begun! This is your comprehensive guide to embarking on your academic journey at Riga Business School. We're excited to see the campus come alive again, with our corridors eagerly anticipating the return of both familiar faces and new arrivals. Throughout this week, new-coming students will acquire the essential tools and exclusive insights needed to navigate your academic path effectively. Here's what to expect: 🌎 Explore Study Abroad Opportunities: Discover the possibilities of expanding your horizons [...]

Guest lecture by Prof. Kasper Meisner Nielsen

Lecture: Rich and responsible? The Rise of Responsible Investors Prof. Kasper Meisner Nielsen, Copenhagen Business School Tuesday, August 29 at 9:30-11:00   What is motivating the rise of responsible investing? In this seminar, Prof. Kasper Meisner Nielsen will present his research paper “Rich and responsible?” that finds that investors perceive responsible investing as a “luxury good”. This research studies the rise of responsible investing (i.e., investing in assets with environmental and social benefits as well as financial returns) among investors in Denmark. From 2011 to 2021, [...]

First Month of Studies

🎉 Attention Riga Business School community 🎉 We know the first month of studies can be a whirlwind of new experiences, challenges, and excitement. To celebrate that, we're thrilled to invite you to the First Month of Studies celebration! Save the date 🗓 September 29, 2023 ⏰ 6:00 - 8:00 PM 📍 School’s courtyard Whether you're a first-year student, a seasoned master's student, or a dedicated member of our esteemed faculty, join us for an informal evening to reflect on the journey thus far, participate in [...]

Step by Step: How to be BEST of the BEST

Become the best of the best!  On October 13 and 14, the annual Riga Technical University (RTU) student camp in English "Step by Step: How to be BEST of the BEST" will take place.  International coaches will provide the academic part. During the training, the participants will have the opportunity to solve the tasks prepared by sponsors of the event "SEB banka" and "Printful", and to present the developed problem solutions to the representatives of the company. Complete your application by September 17: https://forms.office.com/e/21RtjMgbrM. Participation in the [...]

#UzdrīkstiesUzvarēt Conference

📣 Come and meet us & get inspired by successful entrepreneurs, new technology experts, and representatives of the creative industry!  🎁 🤑 Visit our booth for a chance to participate in a lottery, explore the exciting study opportunities available at Riga Business School, and put your business knowledge to the test with a quiz! The Junior Achievement Latvia  #UzdrīkstiesUzvarēt conference will unite some of Latvia's most brilliant entrepreneurs and artists to share inspiring stories of courage and success in business and professional life. The conference is [...]

Greenhouse Program

High school student, are you interested in business or IT? Try out studying in our leading-edge business and technology bachelor programs in English through the Greenhouse program.  It is an intensive 3-week program designed to equip driven and motivated high school students for undergraduate studies. The program allows you to gain invaluable insights into what Riga Business School has to offer and helps you make a well-informed decision regarding your higher education path. Throughout the program, you’ll engage in lectures from our international faculty, participate in [...]

Taster Day

Alumni Auditorium Skolas 11, Riga, Latvia

Taster Day is an opportunity for young individuals to consider their future study options. If you're intrigued by business or IT but haven't yet chosen your future university, then this event is tailored just for you. It's designed to let you "taste" what your future university could be like and determine if it's the right fit for you. Lecturers will provide insights into what studying here would be like, and we'll also introduce you to the study process, university, and student life. The first part of [...]

Taster Day / Bachelor Open Door

Still thinking about which university to choose?   Join us for the RTU Riga Business School Bachelor Taster Day / Open Door on May 8 at 3:00 PM! During the session, you will: 📚 Learn more about the Bachelor programs and the application process 👩‍🎓 Get a taste of student life with us and learn from our professors 🤝 Meet current students who will share their experiences ❓ Get all your questions answered.   Don’t wait! Find out if this might be your future university! Register [...]

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