19.03 / 4:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Taster Day is an opportunity for young individuals to consider their future study options. If you’re intrigued by business or IT but haven’t yet chosen your future university, then this event is tailored just for you.

It’s designed to let you “taste” what your future university could be like and determine if it’s the right fit for you. Lecturers will provide insights into what studying here would be like, and we’ll also introduce you to the study process, university, and student life.

The first part of the event is focused on getting to know the university and lecturers, while the second part offers a window into student life. During “Speed dating” session, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with current RBS students, delving into their daily activities and discovering which aspects of RBS life resonate most closely with your interests and ambitions.


15:50 – 16:00 – Arrival

16:00 – 16:10 – RBS Welcome

16:00 – 16:50 – Lectures from RBS lecturers

16:50 – 17:00 – Brake

17:00 – 17:20 – What does RBS offer

17:20 – 17:30 – “Speed Dating” info

17:30 – 18:30 – “Speed Dating” with RBS students


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