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12th Grade Math Exam Prep

12th Grade Math Exam Prep We know your math skills are ok, but are they good enough to totally smash the state exam? 💥 Apply for the 12th Grade Math Exam Prep course at Riga Business School today to make sure you walk out of the exam with the confidence that you did the best you could possibly do! 🚀 FIND OUT MORE

Greenhouse Program

High school student, are you interested in business or IT? Try out studying in our leading-edge business and technology bachelor programs in English through the Greenhouse program.  It is an intensive 3-week program designed to equip driven and motivated high school students for undergraduate studies. The program allows you to gain invaluable insights into what Riga Business School has to offer and helps you make a well-informed decision regarding your higher education path. Throughout the program, you’ll engage in lectures from our international faculty, participate in [...]

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