17.06 / 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

If you have applied for bachelor studies at Riga Business School, mark this event in your calendar!

Date: June 17

Time: 12:00 (EET)

Location: Riga Business School (Skolas Street 11, Riga, Latvia)


To assess participants’ mathematical knowledge, all applicants must complete the Riga Business School Math Entrance Exercise (MEE). All applicants are automatically registered for the MEE upon submitting their application.

Math Entrance Exercise (MEE) Overview:

The Math Entrance Exercise (MEE) is a comprehensive assessment designed to evaluate candidates’ mathematical aptitude and problem-solving skills. The exercise covers a wide range of topics, including basic arithmetic, algebra, equations, trigonometry, statistics, and probability. Candidates are expected to demonstrate proficiency in simplifying expressions, solving linear and quadratic equations, understanding algebraic inequalities, and applying trigonometric functions. Pattern recognition, logic, and word problem-solving abilities are also assessed.

What to Bring:

  • A self-created formula sheet (handwritten or printed) containing any formulas you consider necessary for the exercise.

Important Notes:

  • Writing must be done with a blue or black pen, and calculators are not allowed.
  • Full workings must be shown, with correct notation used, and explanations provided where necessary.
  • The exercise duration is 120 minutes.

Questions about MEE and admission process?

Contact Madara Mūrmane, Student Engagement & Marketing Project Manager  +371 67089800 / madara.murmane@rbs.lv


We look forward to seeing you at the MEE!

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