8.3.2023 / 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

In order for novel concepts to emerge, from time to time business leaders must experience vivid and unusual emotions. Sometimes such emotions can be gained through engagement in somewhat extreme experiences.

Riga Business School aims to encourage personal development not only through classical and academically focused guest lectures, but also by inviting you to participate in this inspirational stories session.

Today, we welcome you to be inspired by two amazing top-notch leaders who have been to places and done things that have totally opened up new horizons of awareness and potential.

Two different adventures, two vivid stories. A lot to learn from. 

Arnis Ozols began his year 2023 with one of the most challenging lifetime accomplishments. He went skiing 111 km in 7 days to the South Pole at the height of 3000 meters in temperatures from – 30 c to -50 c. Along the way he met the most inspiring people he has ever met in his life. He says: “What got me to Antarctica, got me through Antarctica.”

On the other side, Olga Kotova will invite you to step into the comfort zone. Invitation to step out of the comfort zone is a cliche that, to Olga’s mind, is the worst advice to give. It is counter-productive and is unlikely to lead to a life of happiness and fulfillment. She will tell you Why. Because Olga is the first woman from the Baltic States to summit the Mount Everest and has learned a thing or two.

Before joining the lecture, please register here: https://ej.uz/SouthPole_Everest

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