High school is the perfect time to explore career opportunities
in tech and grow your leadership potential

High school is the perfect time to explore career opportunities in tech and grow your leadership potential

Fall 2024

to be confirmed

8 x weekday evenings online

4 x Saturdays in-person

Format: Hybrid

Language: English

Explore Tech and Grow Your Potential!

A career in tech is too complicated, right? Actually, it’s not that bad. Join the academy, see what tech really is about, and develop key personal skills that’ll help you have a thriving career in any field.

Who is the Academy for?

Young people in grades 9-12 who want to make positive changes in their families, schools, communities, and the world!

The format of the academy is designed to cater to students from all regions in Latvia.

Learn the most in-demand skills now – and beyond

What Will You Learn?

Future Changemakers Academy Opening

  • Introduction to leadership

What does it take to be a leader? 

  • Develop leadership qualities and traits
  • Enhance communication skills

Ethical leadership and decision-making

  • Cultivate adaptability and change capabilities

Introduction to careers in tech

  • Learn about tech organizations, trends, and career opportunities
  • Know more about skills valued by employers

Career opportunities in Fintech

Career opportunities in Healthtech

Career opportunities in Greentech

Capstone Project 

During the capstone project, we will embark on a month-long design thinking journey. It will consist of four interactive workshops which will take us through one design iteration from defining to testing ideas that support UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Begin working on your capstone project

#1 Value Proposition Workshop

In the value proposition workshop, we will split into teams to define an idea based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals within one of the three business domains – Fintech, Healthtech, and Greentech. As a result, each team will arrive at an idea defined using a value proposition canvas.

#2 Prototyping Workshop

In the prototyping workshop, we will explore and select the best prototype method for testing the idea from the previous workshop. As a result, each team will start working on their prototypes.

#3 Testing Workshop

In the testing workshop, we will prepare for testing the prototype created in between the sessions. As a result, each team will define its target audience for the test and start working on the test session scripts.

#4 Pitching Workshop

In the pitching workshop, we will review test session results and get ready to present the project results to the program stakeholders. As a result, each team will arrive at a defined presentation structure and content.

Future Changemakers Academy closing – present your project to an audience

In-person visits to enterprises

Join the academy to discover the true essence of technology and grow essential personal skills that will pave the way for a successful career in any industry of your choice!

The best experts from the industries will share their practical expertise to equip you with valuable real-world skills!

  • BALCIA, located at Krišjāņa Valdemāra 63, Riga
  • PRINTFUL, located at Raiņa bulvāris 25, Riga
  • RIGA BUSINESS SCHOOL, located at Skolas 11, Riga

How Will You Learn?

📚 Lectures from Riga Business School’s professors;
🌟 Case studies moderated by dynamic Latvian business leaders;
🚀 Visits to Latvian tech companies for hands-on insights;
🤖 Project development with peers from various schools;
🤝 Networking with professionals from different organizations.


Claudio Rivera

Riga Business School Director

Educational innovator and leadership expert with more than 15 years of experience in senior executive positions in higher education institutions. For 20 years, he has worked in higher education around the world with leading institutions, companies, and organizations. He has designed and implemented formal and non-formal education programs in various countries.

Anita Gaile

Academic Director of Education Innovation Laboratory

Experienced Assistant Professor with more than ten years of experience in human resources management. Anita successfully developed her career as a solo entrepreneur, running her own consulting business, which specializes in the development of leadership and change management skills, professional coaching skills and change management practices. 

Agnese Strazda

Director of Programs, Marketing, Communication, and Student Experience

Seasoned leader with project and team leadership experience, a robust background in communication, and a proven track record in successfully spearheading change projects. With a flair for product creation and innovation, Agnese brings a unique blend of skills to the table. She is dedicated to fostering growth and empowerment in the next generation.

Inese Muzikante

Academic Director

Experienced educator in Psychology and Social Sciences. She excels as a lecturer and researcher specializing in Social Psychology,  Leadership, Research Methods, and Coaching. Leads corporate training in Leadership.

Elza Priede

Managing Director at Novatore

Dedicated to fostering career development, she has guided Baltic leaders at Riga Business School, making significant contributions to program development. As a co-teacher of the ‘Personal and Career Development’ MBA course and co-author of a self-leadership workbook, she empowers learners to define their authentic leadership style and career vision.

Karlis Jonass

Design Thinking Coach

Co-instructor for a design thinking course at Riga Business School. He supports teams in framing and solving challenges by facilitating the design thinking process. He has led design sprints for over a hundred teams to help them validate their business ideas.


This exclusive program is largely funded by Riga Business School partners but requires a co-payment from the participants.

Early bird

200 EUR

Greenhouse and Pre-University program graduates

200 EUR

Standard fee

250 EUR

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