Get your Executive Master of Business Administration studies for up to 50% less

For the seventh year, Riga Business School (a structural unit of RTU) shares the opportunity for top managers in state and municipal budget institutions, as well as non-governmental organizations to pay up to 50% lower tuition fee for top management studies in the RBS Executive MBA or Executive Master of Business Administration program. The aim is to develop these executives and strengthen their change management skills.

Studies take place for approximately two years and the start of the studies is planned in January 2023, with studies taking place one weekend per month from Thursday to Saturday. Apart from 15 basic and specialized subjects or themes throughout the study period, Riga Business School also offers leadership development practicum sessions and exchange of experience in this field. Studies take place in English.

The past two years have brought along significant changes in the economics and wellbeing of people due to Covid-19 and the Russian war in Ukraine. Currently it is extremely important to help executives in the private sector and non-governmental organizations and state and municipal budget institutions to develop the skills to adroitly manage changes. This is a time when global events call us to be farsighted, be aware of the speed of changes and not to miss the opportunity to implement them in a thoughtful manner with a positive impact on society. Also, the rapid development of technologies asks the executives to constantly improve their knowledge; therefore we continue providing studies for the top-level executives with special preconditions for the employees of state and municipal budget institutions and non-governmental organizations as they play a large role in the development and safeguarding of national interests.

Jānis Grēviņš
Riga Business School Director

I enrolled in the Riga Business School Executive MBA program as, regardless of where we work — state or private sector — executives must have an equal competence and be forward-looking. It is especially important, as not only does our own work environment depend on our decisions but also the environment of our colleagues and society. A medical institution and hospital is a very complex mechanism where the echo of the past sometimes linger and needs to be changed. However, all changes require correct implementation. In the introduction of changes, in most cases, we encounter the human factor which is the most complex element of change management. Therefore every manager must know and understand, first, oneself and one’s role, and second, have the skills to create a team from different people and be able to see the strengths of each person. Undeniably, the positive side of this program are also studies in English which is an integral necessity of modern managers.

Margarita Epermane
Board Member, Bauska Hospital

To receive the tuition fee reduction, applications of candidates are evaluated, considering the limited number of students in one Executive MBA course. Executives of the state and municipal budget institutions, non-governmental organizations and heads of structural units, as well as state representatives involved in diplomatic activities are eligible for the tuition fee reduction of up to 50%. Riga Business School is entitled to refuse co-funding, on the basis of the admission committee decision. The application deadline is December 5th of this year.
Areas that can be mastered in this program for the top-level executives are organizational management and behavior concepts, ethics, business sustainability issues, decision making, management finances planning, human resources management, IT strategy and digitalization management, as well as legal topics.