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Anna Vieglina: By doing, growth is guaranteed

Anna Vieglina is a second-year Bachelor of Business Administration student at Riga Business School (RBS). Anna sees herself as a creative creature who is always ready to seize opportunities. Anna likes to relax by developing new skills, like learning Japanese phrases or mastering graphic design and Adobe. In her interview, Anna talked about her term as the Student Union Vice President, her desire to gain an international perspective, and the professional network she has built through her studies at RBS. How did you decide to [...]

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Claudio Rivera: The future labor market has become an escape room

The progress of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has evoked public concern about the role humans will play in the future labor market. Computers have mechanical thinking, but only humans possess the metacognitive capacity. AI will not eliminate humans from the labor market but will alter the skills necessary for a successful career. We must provide youth with an education that will prepare them for the future labor market and help them to acquire the capacity to solve problems, make decisions and use their human nature. Capacity [...]

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Documentary screening for “Humans and Machines” course

The Humans & Machines course recently wrapped up with a bang with a thought-provoking screening of a documentary film, Coded Bias (2020), directed by Shalini Kantayya at Forum Cinema.  Conversations were at the heart of this classroom community. Week after week, students vigorously engaged in student-led discussions and debates, covering topics ranging from nineteenth-century literature to AI ethics to design justice. Together, they shaped the course. It was only fitting that the screening began with a brief introduction and finished with a stimulating discussion led [...]

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Davis Emils Zile: I want to make my beloved country better

Davis Emīls Zīle is a first year student in Riga Business School Bachelor of Business Administration program. He describes himself as the true patriot of Latvia who is ready to help other people and the country in general. Davis devotes his free time to the community. For example, he is a student ambassador and serves in the Latvian National Guard. Also, Davis enjoys active recreation like playing floorball and beach volleyball. In this interview with Davis, he explains why he decided to study at Riga [...]

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Future Heroes Graduation

In late April, a group of 48 brave, committed young ladies graduated from Future Heroes Latvia Season #3, and we are thrilled to congratulate them on this impressive achievement. At Riga Business School, we strongly believe in empowering the youth and providing them with top-notch education in business and IT. During the program, we had the privilege of running lectures on pitching and business models, as well as leadership, which were led by Claudio Rivera and Aldis Greitāns. Additionally, we provided mentorship to various teams [...]

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Davis Indriksons: To accelerate growth, you have to recognize your limits

Davis Indriksons describes himself as a storyteller with many interests all related to storytelling, including video editing, public speaking, and various other projects.  These interests evoke human emotions and allow people to discover and learn more. Currently, Davis is a 2nd-year Bachelor of Business Administration student at Riga Business School and the host of the Riga Business School podcast "Bottom Line Studio" for the second season. He was also the president of the Student Union for 2022/2023. Davis has many hobbies - acting, playing the [...]

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Eliza Gulbe: Studying is a major self-investment

Eliza Gulbe is a socially active, energetic and academically powerful young woman, who is a third-year student at Riga Business School's Bachelor of IT Leadership programme. Eliza combines her studies with work at the Latvian education technology start-up Edurio, where she works as a Business Operations Specialist, coordinates social projects to support the integration of Ukrainian refugees into Latvian society and manages the Riga Business School Ambassador Programme, which aims to inspire young people to choose a high-quality and international education here in Latvia. In [...]

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Arturs Liepa: you have to try everything in life to find out what you like and what you don’t like

Arturs Liepa started his studies at Riga Business School in the Bachelor of Business Administration program in September 2022. He participated in the Greenhouse program, where he received a scholarship to cover the tuition fees for the first year of studies thanks to his leadership, engagement, and high achievements. Arturs combines his studies with his career as a professional triathlete and participates in world-class competitions representing Latvia. He has ambitious goals for the future - as the best Latvian triathlete in the youth group, he [...]

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